Glucose Control

At Colibri, our vision is to create a better everyday life for people with diabetes by providing a user-friendly way to stay on top of what matters most. Keeping track of glucose level in order to determine the right insulin dosage is key to staying healthy.

The Colibri app provides an easy way to track, review and analyze glucose readings, carbs and insulin. It also helps to identify the correct dose of insulin required to cover food based on the current glucose level. Eliminate the worry of having the wrong dosage so you can focus on your life.

Enter the data

See predicted glucose

After adding a current glucose level and carbs, the app will show you the expected glucose level after two hours. Adjust the insulin dose to keep your glucose within normal range.

Range limits can be adjusted in settings.

Track glucose trends

See daily glucose readings on one graph

The graph is the excellent way to understand what is going on with your glucose levels. Pay more attention when the numbers aren't purple. That means your glucose level is out of safe range. This condition can be dangerous for your health. Discuss with your doctor how you need to act when your glucose is out of desired range.

Keep tracking

Improve your diabetes control

It is always great to remember the last thing that you did. Easy access to information for recent days allows you to identify relations between your food and insulin dosages.

Personalize the app

Use ratios that suits you the best

Are default insulin dosages too high or too low for you? You can modify it in settings. Choose ratios, that will work better for you. We all different.

Access all of your data in one place

Have your CGM readings show up on the graph

HealthKit integration allows you to see data from CGM devices no the graph and in statistics.

Analyze your progress

Have statistics handy for your doctor appointment

In the Statistics of the app, you'll get your approximate HbA1C result, based on your glucose readings for that month. You can compare last tree month to keep in mind how your diabetes is going. Also, here you can find your average consumptions per day to ask the right prescription and discuss your diabetes situation with your doctor.